Gherrick Imurxag

Goblin adventurer and treasure hunter


Once captain of the mighty salvage vessel Basilisk, Gherrick and his crew made quite the name for themselves by salvaging objects of immense value from wrecks and ruins all across the ancient world. Now, trapped on frostfell, and not understanding what happened to his now feral crew, Gherrick ekes out an existence by scrounging the random appearances of other sentient beings. Most of which just die to the other goblins and dungeon denizens. Unbeknownst to him, his entire existence back home is forgotten. The empire he knew has given way to turbulent wars and other creatures.

As to his predicament… he knows he cant escape alone, and to his knowledge his crew is either dead or insane. He waits to find the party that might free him from this mess, enabling him to return home to his family and house after all these years. Preferably ones with sailing experience….

Gherrick Imurxag

Eye of the Basilisk Gherrick